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When I create a Word document, I have to option to save it to our installation of Sharepoint by going to the File tab, the Save and Send | Save to SharePoint. I’m looking for a way to a.) add “Save to SharePoint” to my quick access bar, b .) add it to the file tab (skipping the “save and send” click), or c.) assign a key command via a macro.

I've been terribly unsuccessful. Tips?

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we can have a Group policy in our domain that Set it for ALL !!! :

  1. by enabling folder redirection you can save all WORD files like previous in your desktop or Documents.
  2. another work is when to go config Folder redirection , replace the URL of sharepoint instead of FQDN that it wants

for example , you have SharePoint Document Library like this: http://servername/sitename/DocLib1

  • by replaacing "\\" with "http://" and replace "\" with "/" : for example if http://servername/sitename/DocLib1 you are type : \\servername\sitename\DocLib1
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