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Reassign function keys in ssms? Anyone know how?

When I'm stepping through code I keep hitting F11 in SSMS on accident. Then have to cancel too many dialog boxes. I want to change F10-F12 to just run the query.

I found the keyboard options in Tools -> Options. But that isn't going to do the trick.

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Which version of SSMS do you use ?

SSMS2012 has built-in shortcuts editor (right-click toolbar area->Customize->Keyboard)

If you use SSMS2008 you will have to do that using some add-in. I am developer of SSMSBoost add-in - it has shortcuts editor. There was also other add-in, but I have just spent a bit time now and could not find it anymore. It was "SSMS shortcuts editor" on CodePlex or at codeproject.

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I'm using 2008. I'll check out the add-in. – NitroxDM Nov 12 '12 at 20:08

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