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I am interested in connecting by shell (Putty or another tool) (I have cygwin and OpenSSH ) This is what I wish to accomplish:

  1. Upload some files by scp (from Windows 7)
  2. Connect to the remote server
  3. ssh from that server to another remote server
  4. Run scripts (the files I uploaded earlier) and wait for them to finish.
  5. Download the files the scripts generated from the system.

Here is what I have:

  1. I have the folders where all the files will be both on the local machine and the remote server.
  2. I know how long the scripts will take to run.
  3. I can approximate the time it will take to upload and download the files(they are very small).

Is there any way to accomplish this?

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WinSCP supports command-line use. WinSCP scripting allows you to automate a connection to a remote server, as well as uploading files to the remote server via SCP. You can run a script on the remote server with WinSCP using the CALL command, then download the results, also using WinSCP. Here's a link to the WinSCP scripting and automation page:

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