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Office 2010 has this built-in "create pdf" function.

File->Save & Send->Create PDF/XPS Document

I created a pptx file in win7, then converted it to win7.pdf.

then I copied the pptx to xp and converted it to xp.pdf

these 2 pdf files are different in size at first glance.

then I used ICEpdf to convert the 2 pdfs to image, then compared the 2 images on every pixel.

for(int i=0;i<width;i++){
         for(int j=0;j<height;j++){
                final int color1=img1.getRGB(i,j);
                final int color2=img2.getRGB(i,j);

then I saved the diff image to disk, it looked like this: enter image description here


  • I'm pretty sure it's not a font problem, because I have tried several fonts.
  • It's not a problem of my program or ICEpdf, because if I compare them in Adobe Reader(zoom in enough) I can see the difference.

Why office 2010 converts the same pptx to pdf differently on different machines? Could anyone help me with this?

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So the problem (if it's a problem, though I don't exactly understand why it would be) is that the characters are positioned slightly differently between the two versions?

PowerPoint relies on the local printer driver for font metrics; I'm guessing that what you're seeing is a difference between printer drivers.

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