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I am trying to use wget and http to download all contents from folderAA below to directory /root/sstest

wget -r --directory-prefix="/root/sstest"  -o /root/sstest2.log http://site.com/folder1/folder2/folderAA/

When I submit the above command nothing is downloaded.

If I submit a wget request for a specific file from folderAA the file is actually downloaded to /root/sstest:

wget -r --directory-prefix="/root/sstest"  -o /root/sstest2.log http://site.com/folder1/folder2/folderAA/file.txt

Can someone tell me why I cannot download all file content from folderAA at once using the first wget request?

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I think it can only work if the website supports directory listing. But, allowing that is considered a security hole and therefore most of the websites don't allow it and this it why you fail to do what you want

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