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I have a problem with copy-past from host (Windows XP) and guest (Centos) OS.
I have installed VMWare Tools but it didn't help me.
Strange situation... before I installed a VMWare tools I was able to copy from Windows XP and paste to Centos GUI (but not in console).
Once I have installed VMWare Tools It stops working.

Any ideas?

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I am using Centos 6.2 as a guest OS on Windows 7, and I can copy-paste from host and guest. The version of VMWare tools is an updated version. I don't face any issue with it. Earlier, the host OS was WinXP, even there, I didn't faced any such issue. I think, vmware tools are not correctly installed or need an upgrade. Try upgrading vmware tools to the latest version and see if it fixes the issue.

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