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I have a simple XY scatter plot made from a 2-column spreadsheet. When I hover over a dot, I can see the ID of the dot (e.g. "Data point 8456").

I would like to know if I could have the content of a third column instead of the ID. Ideally, a dot would then be defined by an "X", a "Y", and a name.

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Short answer: no. LibreOffice Calc doesn't contain a provision for naming data points or associating them with the contents of other cells. From a technical perspective, it also wouldn't be consistent with the type of data in an XY scatter plot. With XY data, you have values of a variable. Naming individual data points would essentially treat them like categories rather than continuous data. If the purpose of naming is to flag specific points with supplementary information, Calc doesn't have a provision for that either.

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