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enter image description hereWindows 7 64-bit. I hear HDD running constantly and HDD LED blinking. I quit all applications, even deleted antivirus software (BitDefender) but it is still running.

I searched many helps, watched 'Process Monitor' and it seems that STacSV64.exe and svchost.exe are doing something.

in 'Services', I stopped bluetooth, gps something, also stopped 'superftech' and 'windowssearch'.

What would be the problem? CPU usage is currently less than 1%.

My system is dell laptop cpu i5 ivy-bridge (3rd gen), ram 6gb, HDD 500GB + 32GB SSD (it's ultra book). I bought it this September.

RE : I added capture of resource monitor. MsMpEng.exe seems to be Microsoft Security Essential I just installed, but I stopped scanning. But real time protection is still on. I still hear this hard disc spinning...

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You need to widen the file column so that the entire file name can be seen. – David Marshall Nov 8 '12 at 16:12
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You should loop in the built-in Resources Monitor (Task Manager > Performance tab > Resource Monitor), you can see under Disk Activity which process access files and how much.

Resource Monitor

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