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This is the reference I used but Ubuntu has slight difference in details.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04.1 and trying to setup the data Disk that I inserted for MySQL.

I have already executed these commands in the process:

  1. sudo grep SCSI /var/log/dmesg
  2. Entered Password
  3. sudo fdisk /dev/sdc - typed n then hit enter
  4. Typed p for partition

This is where my question comes in. The Partition number on Ubuntu show:

Partition Number (1-4 Default 2)

The example says to hit 1 but when I use 1. I get a different response. Am I supposed to use the default or 1. This is where I am lost.

Any type of assitance would be appreciated.

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I'd recommend using parted instead to initialize and partition the disk, here you have some things about it: – Xandy Nov 8 '12 at 23:27
Thank You - Xandy – Kevin H Nov 9 '12 at 2:10

It is asking you to chose a partition number. Default is 2 because there is a partition there already, otherwise default would be 1. Generally you want to use the next available partition index (default).

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