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I installed some type of Bit-Torrent software. I used it for a day and then I UN-installed it. But, now I have no IP on that computer --- can not even get on my local NAS LAN. I tried reinstalling the Intel drivers for the 470 and tried some things like this: But, I did not get my IP back.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Which software did you install? How did yo uninstall it? – Hennes Nov 9 '12 at 0:03

Try this, it is a slight variation of the link you posted.

Open Network Connections

Right click on the network adapter you use and select properties.

A window opens

Now click "Install" Button

A windows opens

Select "Protocol" then click "Add" button

a windows opens

Do not select a protocol, just Click "Have Disk" button

a window opens

Click "Browse"

Navigate to


find "nettcpip.inf" and highlight it and click "Open"

this will overwrite the tcpip stack with a fresh copy, see if this gets it working for you.

Click OK on all the windows.


enter image description here

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