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I have a Dell XPS M1530 and I lost my old AC adapter but ordered a new one. For the longest time it always had a battery charge so I was able to boot into the OS but now it is completely dead. I have a generic charger that slowly charged the laptop when it was in the OS but does not when the computer is off.

When I boot up I get the following error:

The AC power adapter type cannot be determined. The system can only boot with a 130 W power adapter or greater.
Strike F1 key to shutdown.

I cannot even enter the BIOs setup screen or boot menu, is there a way around this? I heard from the local tech that Dell has a special feature to boot from thumb drive before getting past the initial logo.

I am doing my best to avoid purchasing a new charger since it worked just fine when the OS was running, I am hoping to get this thing going. Is there a way to charge the battery externally? Thanks in advance for any help!

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They make external battery chargers, but they cost as much an AC adapter.

enter image description here

IMO, get the proper AC adapter and be done with it. The work around you seek might be more trouble than its worth.

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So I bought a replacement adapter which is the PA-4E and it still prompts for correct wattage!! This is driving me insane, now I bought a replacement DC jack and will desolder/solder in this one. Hopefully this corrects the issue. – KPS Nov 13 '12 at 4:01

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