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does someone of you know a freely available program that installs itself as a printer on Windows and is able to produce PDF/A documents?? Moreover there should be the possibility to merge documents (I.e. multiple Microsoft Word/Excel docs).

I know there exists already a plugin for Open Office Writer written by sun. But the problem there is that you cannot merge multiple docs.

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One option for Word and Excel docs in the free add-in for Office from Microsoft that adds Save As PDF to the menu. This works very well, with Word headings being turned into PDF bookmarks and so on.

Otherwise I'd recommend PDF Creator which installs itself as a printer on Windows. You can also use PDFCreator to merge several documents into a single PDF by collecting several prints using the Wait - Collect button and then saving them a single PDF.

enter image description here

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pdfprinter: pdfcreator or dopdf merging / splitting pdfs: pdfmerge

a similar question would be 34284.

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I don't understand what you mean by PDF/A... Do you just mean Adobe?

Anyway, I have used Bullzip PDF Printer for years now and love it!

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PDF/A is a subset of PDF designed for long-term archiving: – Albic Oct 3 '09 at 15:38

I've used CutePDF writer for a while now, and I havn't had any troubles yet. I prefer to use the Save-to-PDF Addin (as suggested by Dave Webb) for my Office files though- less hassle.

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