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Is it possible to play a list of music files with sox?

It is possible to play a file by:

play song.mp3

I know I can create a batch file which includes all the files to run such as:

play song01.mp3
play song02.mp3

But I would like to know if there is a setting in sox that simplifies running a list of files.

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play does accept multiple files:

play song01.mp3 song02.mp3 song03.mp3 ...
play song*.mp3

SoX also supports two playlist file formats, m3u and pls. m3u in particular is easy to create, a text file with one filename per line is valid already. When you have such a playlist file, you can run

play favourites.m3u
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As far as I know play only supports supplying one filename, and there's no "playlist" option. You could have something like GNU find generate a "playlist":

find . -name '*.mp3' -printf 'play %p\n' > cmdfile

Then run cmdfile with your command interpreter.

A better option for playing files and playlists from the command line, IMHO, is mplayer.

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