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I currently have 2 volume's:

  [root@compute4 /]# lvscan
  ACTIVE            '/dev/vps/vm108_img' [30.00 GB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/vps/vm109_img' [90.00 GB] inherit

Now, I use the LVM snapshot function to create backups. My quesion is, what size does the snapshot needs to be? Atleast the same as the volume in question or can it be a lot smaller and will only the changes be saved into it?

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You'll only need to assign the amount of space for changes to happen. From a recipe in the docs:

A snapshot volume can be as large or a small as you like but it must be large enough to hold all the changes that are likely to happen to the original volume during the lifetime of the snapshot.

However, be sure to allocate enough space:

If the snapshot logical volume becomes full it will be dropped (become unusable) so it is vitally important to allocate enough space.

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