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I am running debian Squeeze in console mode on a plug computer. I control it opening an SSH session from a Windows machine, on the same local network.

I started downloading a large file using wget.

What I get is a console progress bar showing the percentage of data downloaded, file size, and download rate.

When I close the session, debian is still running and downloading. Fine.

But When I close and reopen a session, how can see which amount of data was downloaded, using a linux command ?


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You probably want to use a program like screen or tmux to preserve your remote terminal sessions while you're not connected.

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There is another solution. Install a vnc server, and access it from another machine, opening a vnc session. I just get the debian session in the state before leaving. – skyrail Nov 15 '12 at 16:23

To answer "how can see which amount of data was downloaded, using a linux command?" only, in the download directory use any of the follow

ls -l
ls -s
ls -sh <download filename>

That will show you the file size already download/written to your disk.

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ok. Thank you both for you help. I finally found an easy solution: just look at the last line in wget-log which is written and updated by the task wget, while processing. wget write a line in the file and display it on screen. The problem is, I cannot see the display anymore, after I close session. I'll have a try to the screen command to see if it give me back the current display when i open a new ssh session, while wget-log is still growing. – skyrail Nov 10 '12 at 16:59

In download directory

tail -f wget-log

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