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When I press any button on said mouse it logs me out...

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welcome to superuser! Your question is a bit short on context, to get a meaningful answer you could add info on, for example, version of Debian and your hardware. See the FAQ for this site. Good luck! – FredrikD Nov 10 '12 at 9:42

Hopefully this is the right format to add my experience, wasn't sure about the improve question feature. I recently purchased the same mouse and experienced the same problem when booting into Ubuntu. I use a 10.08 distribution of Ubuntu. I dual boot along side Windows 7. My Laptop is an ASUS G74SX-A1. The mouse is fully functional in Windows with the exception that the Logitech Gaming Software used the program the buttons on the mouse does not detect the mouse. I booted into Ubuntu to see if I would have any better luck and discovered that when I pressed any button on the mouse, the screen would have a brief garbled graphic and then go straight to the login screen, regardless if I was already at the login screen or already logged in. Based on how the drivers in Windows appear and the functionality of the mouse, sorry I don't know this for a fact, the mouse appears to have an onboard controller that interfaces with the mouse and keyboard aspect of the mouse and stores the programmed button configurations. I am assuming this is where Ubuntu is having the issue because it sees this controller before the mouse and if Ubuntu does not have a driver for the controller the signals from the controller is sending a misinterpreted signal to Ubuntu that is causing it to go the the login screen. Hope this helps.

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OP has been rather concise so your 'answer' may help with the question but is too long to squeeze into a comment. I'm not convinced it is really an answer - or is your answer (the fairly standard!) "Make sure your drivers are up to date"? – pnuts Nov 30 '12 at 5:58

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