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(Sorry for bad English.)

Say, when I try to see binary file in less, it ask me a confirmation:

$ less `which less`
"/usr/bin/less" may be a binary file.  See it anyway? 

How to set up vim for the same behavior? Also I want to vim will ask a confirmation when I try to open too big (e.g. >10MB, maybe text) file.

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Vim doesn't have such option.

But you can write yourself a wrapper (let's call it which could check the file size & type and ask you to open it anyway)

and if you want to do this nicely, you can write an alias for that command in your .bashrc

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It is dirty solution. Vim has .vimrc and own powerfull language with autocommands, etc. I sure vim able to make all itself. – Corvus Nov 10 '12 at 18:04

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