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There are supposed to be 2 networks: i) The first one is the one which all the virtual machines and the host share(Host-only condition). This one is easily achievable for me, as an amateurish beginner. ii)The second network is the one in which only 2 virtual machines are to be connected. These 2 virtual machines should also be connected to the Network(i).

I understand that for the 2 virtual hosts that are to be connected in a separate networks simultaneously, it means that they need to have 2 IPs, and hence 2 ports(physical)/ethernet interfaces?

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VMWare calls them Lan Segments.

Configuring LAN Segments

A LAN segment is a private network that is shared by other virtual machines. A LAN segment can be useful for multitier testing, network performance analysis, and situations where virtual machine isolation are important.

For Workstation 9 it is in the help Using VMWare Workstation under the topic Configuring Network Connections.

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Lan segments looks like for isolate two guests on same host. Isn't it ? –  eicto Nov 10 '12 at 17:16

You can install vpn on host machines, and add the guests to it, vpn solutions are:

openvpn, pptp (native windows), ipsec, may be some other.

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