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How do you reach the service menu for a VIZIO VX37L_HDTV10A Television, and what additional options does it provide?

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Warning: Do not use unless you know what you're doing.

To reach the service menu:

  1. Hold bottom 2 buttons on side of TV('Volume -' and 'Input')
  2. Press 'menu' button on remote.


  • Version Info
    • Model Name
    • Version #
  • Picture
    • Auto Color
    • Color Temperature
    • Color Temperature (Cool|Normal|Warm|Custom)
    • Red (0-255)
    • Green (0-255)
    • Blue (0-255)
    • R Offset (0-255)
    • G Offset (0-255)
    • B Offset (0-255)
  • Audio
    • Dolby Banner (Off|On)
    • Compression (Line|RF)
    • Compression Factor (Full|Off|7/8|3/4|5/8|1/2|3/8|1/4|1/8)
    • Downmix (Stereo|Off|Lt/Rt)
    • AGC (On|Off)
  • TV
    • Range Scan
  • Setup
    • Burning Mode (Off|On)
    • Clean Storage
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