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I have an image that I would like to run as service (running with VMware Player) in Windows 7.

The reason I want it as service so image will start running when server is going up, without forcing to do a user sign-in. What I did now was to put a shortcut of the .VMX on startup and then to sign-in with the user.

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It is possible using this very old free microsoft wrapper (google for explanations about srvany):

Or there are also commercial tools:

Or you can try switching to VirtualBox, which can run in the background just from the command line.

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VirtualBox rules. This is old question.. i moved to VirtualBox since it has better support in advanced configuration as a free tool. – ilansch Jan 22 '14 at 13:56

Because VMWare VMPlayer requires a window to run in, and doesn't support running windowless, there is no way you can achieve this, with this free product.

If you are able to purchase a copy of VMWare Workstation, then you could use a 'vmrun' command as a scheduled event for Windows startup (I do this myself).

Alternatively, and I have done this in the past, you could use VMWare Server (now unsupported) if your guest OS is compatible with that.

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