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Is it possible to connect an Apple 24" LED Cinema Display to a PC?

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Not directly, It only has a Display port connector on it, so you will need an adapter... unless you have one of the rare computers that has it.

Just found this

alt text

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Geffen also makes one ( gefen.com/kvm/dproduct.jsp?prod_id=8913 ) — it's a bit cheaper, and they're a pretty darn reputable brand. –  Sidnicious Oct 3 '09 at 20:24

I know when it came out it was impossible to connect it to anything other than MacBooks that had mini DisplayPorts. I don't think there are a lot of PCs with mini DisplayPorts out there; it might be kind of hard.

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In addition to the DVI to MDP converter box, it ought to be possible to use a simple cable to convert normal DP to the MBP used by the LED Cinema Display. I'm unaware of a cable to do so at present, though.

ATi's new Eyefinity cards will come with MDP sockets, although I expect them to cost a lot since they are "enthusiast" level card, great for games and being able to drive 6 seperate displays.

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