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I have a powerbook G4 that I loaded up with Leopard (OSX 10.5). I don't have iMovie, since the Leopard version requires an intel mac. I have a Sony Digital 8 Camcorder with firewire and usb output. The usb output requires a special driver on windows. I don't think OSX will support it.

I wish to capture the video stream from the camera on my G4. VLC does not support firewire capture on OSX, I don't want to pay for QT professional. I'm looking for a solution. I'd prefer open source, but I'd consider freeware and inexpensive for pay options.

On a related note, if it can capture still frames, I have a related question.

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Try Vidi.

Vidi is an application that lets you view and record video on your Mac using any FireWire DV device. When used with a Formac Studio DV, Studio DV/TV or StudioTVR device, Vidi lets you select the input source, change TV channels and adjust picture settings.

alt text

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Looks good, although "here is the source code, but you can't modify it" is kind of puzzling. Then again the commercial ssh program did (does) that. I won't have access to my camera until Monday. I will check then. – Justin Dearing Oct 3 '09 at 20:52

I'm running Leopard 10.5.8 on a G5 PPC...iMovie/iDVD both work fine.

I'm not sure what type of install you did, but that could be the problem. I used the "Upgrade" option at installation, and overwrote my 10.4 OS.

Note: I used a OS X 10.5 DVD installation disk (not a bundled DVD from another Mac).

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