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What tools can convert Powerpoint presentations to video formats?

Free (as in beer or as in speech) preferred, since this is a one-time thing.

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Newer versions of PowerPoint have this feature built into them. For example, with PowerPoint 2010, you can directly save a presentation as an WMV file.

Go to File > Save & Send > Create a Video and then click Create a Video

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You can save the slides as images (File -> Save as -> select suitable image file format in the file formats list), and then use Windows Movie Maker to make an avi or wmv file of the images.

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Techsmith's Camtasia Studio can record the whole of a Microsoft Pwerpoint presentation, including voice narration. Not a free product but a fully-functional limited-time trial version is available to allow evaluation before purchase.

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Well if you have access to the Mac version of powerpoint, you can go file, save as movie and export as as a quicktime movie and then convert that to an AVI.

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