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Ok I don't really get why or how the way this graph and the columns are labeled.

Link speed shows 1Gbps graph only shows from 0% to 5% and network Utilization stays on average around 1.25%

Ok I guess my first question is, why does my graph only shows from 0-5%? 2nd question, what does 1.25% network Utilization mean? Is it out of 100%? If it's % why is it 1.25 and not .125?

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The graph scale change according to the utilization.

For example, if your utilization constantly stay below 1%, then it will top at 1%. When your utilization jump to 12%, the graph will top at 20% or 25% etc.


1.25% means 0.0125. So 1.25% of 1Gbps link speed == 1Gbps(1024Mbps) x 0.0125 == 12.8Mbps

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Thanks, I appreciate the reply! – nhat Nov 12 '12 at 3:50

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