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I have OSX running an RTC rational team concert essentially a Tomcat server on https port 9443.

In the OSX host file I have mapped to - such that On the mac i can in my browser go to : successfully.

I can access it locally on the Mac by doing : https://localhost:9443/ccm and it works no problem also.

I can also access it from my other PCs on my network by doing

I have a dyndns account setup - and it maps to my home IP. Doing a traceroute on the dns brings me to : which is my WAN ip.

The network router has the mac - in the DMZ - and I have a firewall rule written as well to allow the port 9443 inbound to be served by - however if you try visiting : - it does not work with a connection refused error - which suggests the router is blocking the connection and not correctly forwarding it.

My router model is a Sagem F@st 2504.

The mac has its firewall turned off - but Im not an experienced mac user and I want to know if I am missing something.

Please help

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Your site works for me. Sounds like your router doesn't handle hairpin NAT very nicely. I suggest you try it from off of your network.

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You have no idea how long I have wasted trying to solve this! Thanks mate! – RenegadeAndy Aug 16 '12 at 19:56

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