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I used RDP a few times on my Windows 7 PC, before upgrading to Windows 8. I was wondering if there are any log files associated with RDP sessions in Windows 7 and if so, what is the physical location of these files? I need to collect some information on previous sessions such as duration and start/end dates/times.

Since i don't have Windows 7 anymore, is there a chance these files may be in the Windows.old folder? Otherwise, What would be the physical location of RDP log files in a Windows 8 system?

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I would expect Microsoft applications to write any log records to the "Application" section of the Windows event log normally held in C:\Windows\System32\winevt\Logs\

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I think your question may be answered here.
If you kept Windows.old folder as it looks like, you'll be able to quickly find the info you need.

Check the folder:


And load one of the files:

Microsoft-Windows-RemoteApp and Desktop Connections%4Admin.evtx

Different info is in those files, but I'm sure you'll easily find what you need.
Good luck!

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