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I've recently purchased a Dell Vostro 470 and added a Samsung 830 256GB SSD. I;ve done a clean install of Windows 8 onto the SSD. So now I have two disks, the SSD as C: and the 500GB disk as D:.

The Action Centre keeps popping up telling me to "Restart now to repair disks". When I click restart, it just boots back to Windows. I see no signs of any repair happening, then when I'm back in Windows, the notification will pop up again in the Action Centre.

How can I tell which disk Windows is concerned with and how can I help Windows to actually perform the repair?

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Scan disks or run chkdsk on your disks.

  1. Using Windows GUI:
    1. In File Explorer right-click a disk.
    2. Click Tools tab.
    3. Click Check now button in Error-checking group (the first group on the tab).
  2. Using command-line utility:
    1. Open Command Prompt with Administrative privileges.
    2. Type chkdsk /f D: and press Enter to check disk D: for errors.
      In place of D: use other disk letters to check them.
    3. To check disk C: run:
      chkdsk /f C:

Checking system disk, C:, requires a reboot.

If you want to check for bad sectors on the disk, either add /r option to chkdsk command, or select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors if using GUI.

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Try checking for bad sectors on your disks. There are many utilities out there that can scan for bad sectors.

I use this:

If there are bad sectors on a disk then it will fail eventually and your data with it. You should back up data from a disk that is failing to another hard drive.

Your 500GB disk seems suspect, I hope it's ok.

Good luck!

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Why does the 500gb disk seem suspect? It's brand new... – Greg B Nov 12 '12 at 8:09

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