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answers of this question is very important to administrators to choose between Microsoft solution or other 3rd Party Tools.

WIM solution is file based and others are sector by sector images like Acronis or other backup and clone tools like Norton Ghost or Cloning in vmware ESXi and etc.

My question about the advantages of WIM to edit or deploy in Enterprise? to get agreements of managers to choose between these alternative decisions.

Are we had any Key Performance Indicators in Change management?

Are there any statistics about compares of these solutions?

What Time is spend in any solotion to get image or change images or revert and apply images?

Is it possible to change and modify images that made in All of these solutions as easy as in WIM file?

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When our image is editable we can configure it for enterprise goals.

  1. apply new updates on WIM files IMAGES
  2. mount images to system and then commit changes to apply on images when we want.
  3. obtain language packs or drivers or anything else we want on the images
  4. CONVERT WIM files to VHD (WIM2VHD) and create virtual machines in SCVMM or Microsoft Virtual PC. and then convert them to VMHD in vmware
  5. single instance : instead of 10 images for 10 PC we have single instance like TEMPLATEs

Deploy many of OS in various Hardware are not easy for thousand of clients!

so if we have images that based on files , there are configurable

hardware independent images has more flexibility.

we make it once and use them for diffident systems

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