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I downloaded and installed several themes on Google Chrome. Now how can I see the list of themes that I just downloaded? And how can I switch to one of them without downloading it again?

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AFAIK there is no way to manage themes like you would apps that you have downloaded. Once you click on "Choose Theme" it will download the crx and then overwrite whatever theme you had previously installed.

By going to Settings you will see a section called Appearance, however the only revert option is to revert to default.

One way of keeping, managing, and sharing the themes you choose is to go tot he themes page and share the theme you are installing with either your Gmail or Google+. This will at least provide a way to track which themes you like, and it will keep all of the links to the themes in 1 place. Here are the steps to share with a blank circle to keep it private.

  • Go to Settings > Appearance
  • Select "Get Themes"
  • Find one you want and hover over the card. Next to the "Choose Theme" button, select the "Share" button
  • Share the theme with Google+
  • Choose to share the theme with a Circle that only you are a member of, that way all the posts will be visible only by you

Now when you visit Google+ (or Gmail if you choose to share via email) you will have a list of all the themes you've tried or want to try in the future.

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Clever workaround! – pratnala Nov 12 '12 at 10:39

Create a new folder in bookmarks and name it Themes. Save the bookmark of each theme you want to use, or to keep available.

When you want to change themes:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click appearance.
  3. Click reset to default.
  4. Go to the bookmark for the theme you wish to use and click "install". All user restrictions will have been removed when you reset the last theme to default.

It is quick and works for me. ☺

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Sorry for posting on such an old thread.

There is a trick that may work to see what Themes you have installed on your Chrome.

Go to the Search box on the left column, and type keywords that you use when you look for a Theme.

Then select the Themes button.

The difference is that now, in this listing your already installed themes have a green flag saying 'ADDED', and a 'rate it' green button on the right.

Hope this helps!

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If u have crx file then right click on it choose open with chrome and then choose to save at the below section of chrome. Then a pop up appears. Select add. The theme will be applied

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You can create a "theme manager" of a sort. Find the theme you want in the store. Click it one time. The description window will open. Bookmark this link. In the bookmark tab create a new folder and label it themes. Now when you want to go back to a previous theme all you need to do is go to your bookmarks. You are all finished. Simply bookmark each theme into this folder as you find them. Oh, its easier to access them if you enable the bookmarks bar. I sincerely hope this helps.

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