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I've created a simple invoice document in LibreOffice Calc and it consists of 2 pages. I have defined the print range for my document as:


My first page holds the actual invoice information the second page is a single merged cell holding terms and conditions text (wrapped to the cell width). The second page is defined by a row break.

When I export the sheet as a PDF the first page comes out great but the second page with the terms text is all wrong. On the left hand side I see a portion of text (looks like a single column) and when I select the text inside the PDF I can see it go of the page somewhere to the left. I get the same result in a print preview.

I'm at a complete loss on how to approach this problem and any insight is much appreciated.

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From the LibreOffice help (formulae, printing, instead of results) - not sure if you can mix printing on one sheet so you may have to move the formulae to a second sheet.

Printing Sheet Details When printing a sheet you can select which details are to be printed: Row and column headers Sheet grid Comments Objects and graphics Charts Drawing objects Formulae To choose the details proceed as follows: 1. Select the sheet you want to print. 2. Choose Format - Page. The command is not visible if the sheet was opened with write protection on. In that case, click the Edit File icon on the Standard Bar. 3. Select the Sheet tab. In the Print area mark the details to be printed and click OK. 4. Print the document.

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I managed to fix this problem by moving my Terms & Conditions text to the right of my invoice print area and then redefine the print area for the T&C's. Oddly this worked. It seems there is some reason why Calc wasn't able to print a second print area defined below the first one but is able to print the second page when it's positioned to the right of it.

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