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In netbeans, all editors used to open in the same window. For example, if I double click a file in the project explorer, or double click a file from a search result, or from a subversion "show changes view", the new editor opens in the top right window.

Now, for some reason, the editors that I open from search results open in the search result window (that is, in the bottom right window and not the top right where all the other editors are).

How do I change the netbeans settings back so that every editor, no matter how I open them, show in the top right window ?

Edit: Netbeans behave as if I have this option activated: tools > options > windows > "New document opens next to active document tab". But if I uncheck it, nothing happens. All document still open next to active document tab. No changes if I restart the IDE.

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It looks like it is a bug in netbeans 7.1 or 7.2.

Here is a quick fix: go to window / Reset Windows. Rearange your windows. The bug should disappear.

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