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I need to start reading The TCP/IP Guide.

I have to admit that compared to other informative guides/tutorials/articles out there, this guide isn't so cluttered. However, I still find it a little bit hard to read, especially when reading for several hours.

I don't know if it's the font, the contrast or the spacing, but this is why I've always preferred learning from books rather than from the internet.

What can I do to make this guide more readable? I am reading it on Google Chrome.

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Well, if you feel that the website content doesn't fit for you then you can copy&paste the page content to notepad for offline reading.

But if you want to change the font color or background color of web page then you can use stylebot extension for Chrome which has an ability to edit the css.

enter image description here

Also if you want to increase the font size then you can use Ctrl++ to increase it and Ctrl+- to decrease it.

When you increase the font size.

enter image description here

when you edit the page using stylebot

enter image description here

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I've always preferred learning from books

According to the site you linked to: "it is also available as a print book!"

What can I do to make this guide more readable? I am reading it on Google Chrome.

  • Change the font size
  • Change the font
  • Resize the window to flow the text into narrower columns (a technique used in newspapers for readability reasons)

before settings after

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It may be a little bit of a pain as there are so many pages, but have you considered using a webapp like Pocket? You can use their Chrome extension to add pages to your queue, then read them in the app instead of on the page. I like the way Pocket formats pages for reading. Plus, you can then read them on a phone or tablet, as well.

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