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Possible Duplicate:
How to insert a date into an Excel spreadsheet?

For example, I have the formula =NOW() but I want the date to be fixed as today's date. I don't want it to change tomorrow.

Is there a way to change the formula to make sure it only reflects the date today? Or how can I do that?

I don't want to Paste Special if possible.

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You can do this with keyboard commands.

To enter current date: Ctrl + ;
To enter current time: Ctrl + Shift + ;

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F9 followed by ENTER (or followed by CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER for array formulas) calculates the selected a portion of a formula and replaces the selected portion with the calculated value.


Do it on your =NOW() formula, and it should stay fixed.

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I would try inserting the current date into a cell via a macro. The question then only is, when and how to trigger that. You could for example press a button and it would insert today's date (not as a formula) into a cell (one particular or the selected one).

In VBA you can use Now(), Date() and Time(), depending on what you need exactly. With Range("d40").Value = Date() associated to a shape it will insert the current date without the time into Cell D40 when you click the shape.

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