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In emacs, I can create a shell using M-xshell. But how can I create multiple shell?

I did

  1. M-xshellRET
  2. C-x52
  3. M-xshellRET

It gives me back to shell in Step #1. How can I create multiple independent shell?

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One way is to rename your shell buffers:

  1. M-xshell
  2. M-xrename-bufferRETsh1RET
  3. M-xshell

Now you have 2 shell windows, one named "sh1" and the other "*shell*".

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(shell &optional BUFFER)
If BUFFER exists but shell process is not running, make new shell.
If BUFFER exists and shell process is running, just switch to BUFFER.
  • M-xshellRET :: Create a new shell or switch to an existing shell.

  • C-uM-xshellRET :: Ask for a buffer name, create a new shell if necessary and switch to that buffer.

An alternative is to use term.el with multiterm.

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