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I'm looking for a text editor that has an amazing common user access (CUA) mode (or can be configured to have it) that resembles closely modern editors like Notepad++, Gedit, Kate, Sublime, etc.

I've tried Emacs cua-mode and made some custom keybindings for mcedit and they behave similar, but they just are not quite as close to Notepad++, Gedit, or Sublime. I'm wondering if anyone has done extensive set up of any text editor and gotten it to be almost exactly the normal modern text editors in terms of CUA mode.

Other editors that I've tried include diakonos and tilde, but they also don't emulate modern CUA mode as much as I'm aiming for.

Maybe such an editor doesn't exist? Or maybe someone has hacked the heck out of emacs to make this happen (it seems to be the most configurable editor)?

If such a command-line editor doesn't exist, it'd be a fun project to make one that emulates the features in Sublime Text (or at least Gedit, Notepad++, and Kate).

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I know it's not in scope of your question, but when it comes to command line the only one is vim! Worth every second of learning. – Mose Nov 14 '12 at 9:55
@Mose That may be true, but it has such an exponential learning curve. Lol... Have you heard of Sublime Text ( It's probably the most powerful (non-command-line) text editor ever, and it is (of course) CUA style like all editors in modern desktops are these days. I believe that a CUA-style command-line editor could be just as powerful as VIM, but it just hasn't been done before... we've skipped the opportunity to create an amazing CUA command-line editor in preference of desktop editors... A fun project would be making a command-line editor that emulates sublime text... – trusktr Nov 19 '12 at 2:07
grigio has a nice setup for vim with his vimrc. It is a collection of vim bundles. NerdTree and Silver Search might also be good ones to add. – NonlinearFruit Oct 27 '15 at 3:31
Wow, the amazement of reading this post 3 years later. I use nothing but vim now. – trusktr Oct 27 '15 at 3:37

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