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I'd like to change the title of a terminal window during a long running command (for example: git svn fetch) with values greped from the output, whilst still writing to standard output.

Is this possible using named pipes or tee and xargs?

I'm thinking something like

git svn fetch | sed "s/^\(r\d*\).*$/ \"\\\033]0;\"\1\"\\\007\"/" | xargs -l1 echo -ne

based on:


getting this to work would be enough:

(echo "r9" ; echo "r10") | sed "s/^\(r\d*\).*$/ \"\\\033]0;\"\1\"\\\007\"/" | xargs -l1 echo -ne

Update 2:

This almost does what I want. I see r10, but not r9:

(echo "r9" ; sleep 1 ; echo "r10") | sed "s/^\(r[0-9]*\)\.*$/\\\033]0;\1\\\007/" | xargs -0 echo -ne
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I don't have a complete answer, but one approach would be to use tee to send the output from git to another script AND standard output. Something like:

$ git svn fetch | tee

There are some examples here:

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