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I have a software that creates a PDF, word or powerpoint file that contains a flash file that I need. However, I cannot seem to extract that flash file. I have tried using SWFTools as suggested in another question but with no success. The flash file can indeed be extracted using that approach but it does not work properly (in fact it displays nothing but a white screen). Any suggestions?

The background is that I'm using Xcelsius Present which cannot export directly to SWF.

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Word, you can certainly do it with Automation, powerpoint should be no different.

You might need to code somethig i know, but its not that hard, and i'm sure there are code snippets out there you can use

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Thank you Carlos! I will see if I can do it in VB. It looks pretty straight forward. :) – Dr. Mike Nov 15 '12 at 11:54

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