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I am new to Linux!Fedora is my first try.But i fail to understand why i have problems in using internet with my installed fedora!!I have no problems surfing with the live image(as a LIVE SYSTEM USER) even on windows 7 internet connectivity is not an issue.The BSNL person from BSNL had fixed the issue by replacing google dns by bsnl dns.But when i reinstalled fedora(had lost windows 7 menu from grub) internet never worked.I have some screenshots of my system Running LIVE here Earlier I could connect to my modem via opera by But now i can't.Even windows/fedora LIVE doesn't load this page.I had posted this question at askFedoraProject also but after reinstalling fedora 17 everything is in a mess!Is this problem common in all LINUX distros or it is a fedora bug.Which distro has FEWER problems?I will soon upload a screenshot of my installed FEDORA 17.please see my comment @ [askFedoraProject]

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