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Windows 8 introduces the new category of metered network connections. Applications that are aware of this type of connection can choose not to use it in an effort to reduce connection costs.

I would like to know if there is a way to prevent legacy applications (such as a backup software) from using a metered network connection. Is this possible using the built-in firewall, for instance?

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I tried a similar thing (for dropbox), but the furthest I could take it was to set my metered connection as a public connection, and dropbox wasn't allowed on public networks, but that was something of a pain when I wanted to use dropbox on a public network... –  cgoddard Nov 25 '12 at 13:01
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I've only got Win7 in front of me, but this can be done manually with Advanced Firewall settings.

Create an Outbound Rule, narrow the scope to your application and the interface type or profile you want to deny it access on (assuming the metered WAN is a separate interface type), then set to Block the Connection.

Create an equivalent Inbound Rule.

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nice idea, doesnt exist –  Mickey Perlstein Feb 12 at 14:51
What do you mean doesn't exist? Create the rule, Edit the rule, Advanced Tab, Interface Types, Customise. You can now select which interfaces this rule applies on. Block all traffic for particular programs on interfaces you don't want them to use. –  Dom Feb 22 at 3:03
could not find interface types in the advanced tab –  Mickey Perlstein Jun 8 at 15:33
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