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I have a computer (netbook) with an internet connection connected via wifi and another computer (notebook) which I want to use. I want to share the internet connection from the netbook to a wifi modem/router (Baudtec TW263R4-A2 (WiFi, 4 ethernet ports)) so I can connect to the internet with my notebook (via ethernet) or my android smartphone (via wifi) (and have them connected with each other).

I need it to look like this:

Netbook ---(via ethernet)> Wireless Modem/Router ---(via ethernet or wifi)> Notebook or Android Smartphone

How can I do this?

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You never said where the Netbook gets the internet connection from, other than from some outside WiFi source. I will have to assume that the WiFi Modem/Router that you mention is not the internet source as well.

Assuming this...

Turn on ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the Netbook. How you will do this will depend completely on the OS you are using on the netbook... which you did not say. Designate the Netbook's WiFi as the source, so that the netbook will begin to use DHCP over it's ethernet port.

Connect to the Admin panel on the Modem/Router you mention, click the Interface Setup Tab, and select Bridge Mode. That will enable the router to work as a bridge, passing the connection you provide to it, to any other computers you connect to the router.

Connect the router via ethernet cable to the netbook (using one of the 4 regular ports). You should now be good to go.

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