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I'm using this function:

=COUNTIF((B:B,"Superior")*(A:A,"Employee Effectiveness:"))= 2

The idea is to try and find how many times the value "Superior" is used adjacent to the cell with value "Employee Effectiveness:" and display that in a numerical value. Also want to repeat this function 3 more times.

Format looks like:

A1 - Employee Effectiveness:

B1 - Superior (or Good/Average/Below Average/Poor)

A2 - Response Time:

B2 - Superior (or Good/Average/Below Average/Poor)

A3 - Employee Courtesy:

B3 - Superior (or Good/Average/Below Average/Poor)

A4 - Expectations Met:

B4 - Exceeded (or Met/Below)

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possible duplicate of Countif in Excel with multiple criteria – Excellll Oct 2 '14 at 21:19
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In Excel 2007 or later versions you can use COUNTIFS function (with an "S" on the end) which lets you have multiple conditions for multiple columns, e.g.

=COUNTIFS(B:B,"Superior",A:A,"Employee Effectiveness:")

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This worked well! – jmalais Nov 14 '12 at 21:14

You can use SUMPRODUCT as an alternative solution.

=SUMPRODUCT(--(A:A="Employee Effectiveness"),--(B:B="Superior"))
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