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I'm using MS one note 2010.

In my note, I want to store a note containing \\ string, e.g.

net use \\\C$ SomePassword /user:SomePC\Administrator

OneNote thinks that \\ and everything after that is a hyperlink.

How can I remove the hyperlink?

When I right click and select "Remove link" it disappears. However the effect is only temporary, the link is restored after e.g. re-opening one note.

How can I make it gone forever?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. It's OK if the solution will disable automatic link creation in all my notes. I'm comfortable pressing Ctrl+K every time I do need a hyperlink.

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This issue has not as of yet been corrected in OneNote 2016 either, by the way. Anyway the only way I have found out to disable the automatic hyperlinks in OneNote 2010 is by adding an extra character (such as the pipe-symbol | or backslash \) to the beginning of the hyperlink (just before the http:// or the two backslashes as in \\192...). – coderworks Apr 14 at 20:41

You might want to use Macro to remove and clean hyperlinks.

Here is the link for that.

It looks like this: enter image description here

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Despite existing in every other microsoft product, this UX feature doesn't exist in OneNote (2010 nor 2013, which I just verified as being absent as well)

both these MS forum sources note that this feature doesn't exist, but do suggest pasting from MS word, which may eliminate your problem (despite being overly complicated)

Hope that helps, sorry there isn't a better answer.

P.S. A workable solution would be like @Cricrazy describes, and make a macro to remove hyperlinks with a hotkey after setting up the macro to do so.

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I just noticed this is over 2 years old, I apologize for the likely useless late answer. Hopefully this helps web searchers at least. I would have thought MS could have included this feature in 2013 after all the negative feedback on this feature, but alas, we are stuck with hyperlinks being autogenerated. – Brad P. Mar 13 '15 at 15:30

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