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I just bought a new PC (a Zotac ID-80) and it has been performing quite poorly. I tried installing Ubuntu and Fedora, but it crashed constantly (even during setup). For a while I thought my Apple Keyboard might have been the issue...later I thought it was the USB 3.0 port that is supposedly unusable without the included Windows driver. Windows 7 performs better than any Linux OS I've tried running on it....but it still ends up crashing. I've run all kinds of diagnostic tools. I have the fan on "active" mode. I've reduced the CPU usage through the Windows power manager. But it keeps on crashing.

There was a whole ordeal just getting the damn thing shipped, I don't want to send it back unless I've exhausted every possibility. Does anyone have any other ideas? I entertain any idea, no matter how exotic.

EDIT: The computer crashes sometimes within minutes of turning it on (or up to 40 minutes after light web surfing)

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Which standard diagnostics have you tried (e.g. running memtest, trying a single memory module or swapping memory with another PC. Triying a different PSU, .... that kind of stuff to isolate potential HW problems down to components) ? – Hennes Nov 14 '12 at 21:33
Test your memory with memtest and check your disks SMART stats for any sign of pre-failure. otherwise return it cause it is damaged. – Frank Thomas Nov 14 '12 at 21:43
I ran a memtest for 40 mins and there were no errors. I checked the SMART status and it was "PERFECT". Curiously, while running the tests for an hour or so, it did not crash. I'm currently running a GPU test...sigh – Richard Nov 14 '12 at 23:05

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