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In this new version Windows have changed a lot, but I can't seem to find an official change list/FAQs on how to use new features. I'm asking because I've read about how to open Charm with keyboard on some 3-rd party site (Win+C). That's not the best way to treat users: when you buy something, you usually have a manual describing how to use the thing you bought (they even ship manuals with the light bulbs...).

Another good example of what I'm talking about described here: New Windows 8 context menu: official name and documentation?

In short, I'm looking for something like this http://windows.microsoft.com/ru-ru/windows7/products/features and this http://windows.microsoft.com/ru-ru/windows7/help/getting-started (preferably in more complete form so it included such a "small" changes like that Win+X context menu).

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While I doubt if it's totally complete, this is Microsoft's official What's New / How-to guide:


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