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I have a 16 gb Class 10 Ridata MicroSD card I bought on December which I use on my Galaxy Y phone. At first, it was working fine and fast. Now when I write to it, often times I get "Write Delay Failed" or "Can't write to file" errors. What's more, the fuller my MicroSD is, the faster it shows that error. I tried running chkdsk on the thing but there wasn't anything faulty found. I'm frustrated with these errors. Does my memory card have a bad sector or something? How can I confirm it? That's the only thing I can think of now, if I take into account that maybe when the file is being written to a bad sector, then it the write fails.

Can I still fix my MicroSD? Warranty's out. I bought this in a reputable gadgets shop.

PS: Reading from the card is still working awesome though.

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Is the the phone writing to the card or your computer? – ChrisF Nov 15 '12 at 12:05
It sounds like your running into the lifetime write limits of the MicroSD card. If thats the case there is nothing to fix. – Ramhound Nov 15 '12 at 12:11

I have had this problem with some USB flash drives. I was trying to make them boot-able and they weren't taking the boot sector. After may re-formats I used a Linux LIVECD (knoppix, Clonezilla) and cleared the partition table of the flash drive. I used cfdisk /dev/sda where sda is the first drive found by the system, followed by sdb.

I did this on a PC with no hardrive installed to ensure that I didn't bork my system.

Aftwords I formatted it in any PC with windows. You may need to format it in the Phone. Additionally, you may have to add a partition in the Linux LIVECD after a reboot.

Obligatory warning: This will remove any data stored on the flash drive

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