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I'm a proud Suser. I'm about to reinstall 12.2 on my ASUS N76VZ (UEFI x64 laptop).

Since I'm very sensitive about laptop security against theft or unwanted inspection, I chose to use BitLocker with USB dongle in Windows 7.

When installing Suse the last time I found that only the home partition (separated from root) was capable of being encrypted.

Does Suse offer a full disk encryption solution like BitLocker that I haven't discovered yet? Or is encrypting home partition the only way to protect data?

Encrypting only home is feasible as one stores personal data in home, but I still would like to encrypt the whole thing!

Also, using a hardware token (no TPM available) for unlocking is preferred to password, if possible!

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Pre-boot auth available only in Windows –  djechelon Nov 15 '12 at 16:47
Ah! sorry I misunderstood the question. –  avirk Nov 15 '12 at 16:57
You may want to cast a wider net than asking for full disk encrypton for SuSE. Different Linux distros relate to eachother in different ways. SuSE is on a branch of Linuxes, closely related distros may offer a solution. My own dabbles in full disk encryption sucked.. I just encrypt my home dir. –  Doc Nov 15 '12 at 23:17
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The LVM option in YaST partitioner setup fullfills all my requirements, though it's password based and not token-based.

The YaST partitioner allows you to choose the option to propose a partitioning based on encrypted LVM. This takes full disk and automatically assigns volume names.

It creates an unencrypted boot drive (/boot), a LVM partition which is encrypted, and within that partition one or more volumes assigned to partitions.

Answering from an encrypted linux...

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