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due to a virus on my computer, my operating system (Windows XP) became corrupted. There were some bad sectors on the hard drive, so I removed it from the computer and made it a slave on another computer. After trying to access my User folder, a message appeared saying "Access Denied."

Is there any way to recover my files?

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If you have access to the permissions on the parent folder above your user folder (Documents and Settings for example), you might be able to right-click and set the permissions on that folder to propagate to all child folders. Right click on the parent folder, go to Permissions tab, then Advanced button, then check "Replace all child object permissions with inheritable permissions from this object". Since you have permission to read the parent folder (i.e. see your user folder), you should subsequently have access to see all files, folders, and subfolders below it. I'd only do this if you know you're not going to use the hard drive as a primary bootable Windows hard drive again without reinstalling Windows.

Another option is to boot into a Linux live CD of some variety. I'd recommend Linux Mint. Linux will read/write on NTFS drives but will usually not heed the NTFS permissions, so you should be able to see everything and copy it to a location of your choosing.

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