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I'm have a problem, I cannot access the internet. I'm using a dell inspiron 6400 with debian kernel 3.2 installed. My windows manager is xfce4. I was never able to figure out the wired network, however at my home I had the wireless network working just fine. I'm at my mom's house now, and I can't get the wireless to connect. I connected with wicd, and it says that I'm connected, however I can't access the internet(seems very strange).

I have a CS assignment due before I get home, so I need to figure this out very quickly. Is there anything I can do to determine my connectivity?

Thanks for the help guys, just ask if you need any additional info.

EDIT: IT'S MY DNS, I just connected to google in my browser by typing in! So at least I have internet. Will somebody help explain why my DNS isn't working?

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Your resolv.conf file is not correct.

Do the following

  1. Open a terminal
  2. 2.

sudo -i

Open the following file with vi - if you need instructions on how to use vi type the following command

man vi


vi /etc/resolv.conf

  1. fill in the following
nameserver the one provided by your internet service provider

Esc to exit typing

Press shift + :wq

This will write and quit the file. type in



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