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I want to send a folder from my Windows to a Linux virtual machine, using PSCP. I mention again that I want to transfer a folder which contains nearly 200 files in it.

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pscp on Windows much like scp on Linux has an option '-r' to copy entire directories recursively.

From the manual -r copies directories recursively

By default, PSCP will only copy files. Any directories you specify to copy will be skipped, as will their contents. The -r option tells PSCP to descend into any directories you specify, and to copy them and their contents. This allows you to use PSCP to transfer whole directory structures between machines.

If you're on a system that doesn't support the -r option (certain compiles of Busybox for instance), the common way would be to create a tarball or zip file of the folder in question.

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As a side note, if you will be copying the same folder regularly (e.g. uploading a Website from your Windows Desktop to your Linux Server) I would suggest using rsync over ssh as on subsequent copies it only transfers files that changed since the last copy and not the entire directory again. – Lukas Loesche Nov 16 '12 at 9:33

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