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I am trying to reset — or rather, install — a boot loader on my hard drive. I initially had a Linux distro installed, which I completely wiped out. Now, when I try to install Windows 7 from my USB, my machine says

Missing operating System

And when I don't boot with USB, it says

"bootmgr is missing"

So now I am wondering, how I can install a boot loader, so I can install Windows 7?

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Do you still have your original windows disc?

If not download one. Either boot from it or copy it to a pendrive and boot from the pendrive. (You can use this tool from microsoft to move the ISO files to a pendrive).

Do not select "Install now". Instead use the "Repair your computer" option.

enter image description here

Now either use "startup repair", or use "Command prompt" and type `bootrec /fixboot'

enter image description here


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